Knit Design Centre

A space to create
Leicester City Centre

  • Knit Design Centre

    The UK’s only fully functional knitwear development facility.

  • Knit Design Centre

    Stoll gb's unique Knit Design Centre is equipped with the latest Stoll M1 design and programming systems from 1.5 to 16 gauges.

  • Knit Design Centre

    At the Knit Design Centre, designers work alongside our expert technicians to develop and realise their design ideas.

  • Knit Design Centre

    The Knit Design Centre houses a full finishing department including point-to-point linking and all general sewing operations, alongside our state-of-the-art washing plant.

Meet The Team

Julio - Design Centre Manager

Julio - Design Centre Manager
A highly qualified programmer with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Julio oversees the studio and showroom.

Dave - Owner and Managing Director

Dave - Owner and Managing Director
Dave’s been involved in the textile machinery business for over 20 years. The Knit Design Centre was Dave’s brainchild and he’s keen to work with people with fresh ideas.

Florina - Programming Technician

Florina - Programming Technician
Florina has been at Stoll GB for three years and has amassed a great deal of knowledge and enjoys being tested by designers’ new ideas.

Sarah - Design Centre Coordinator

Sarah - Design Centre Coordinator
Sarah keeps the team on track, schedules all your visits and ensures your stay with us is successful and productive. Sarah’s also training to be a programmer.

Tony - Senior Technician and Product Developer

Tony - Senior Technician and Product Developer
Tony has over 30 years’ experience and is an expert in all aspects of knitting machinery. He has a strong commercial eye and can ensure products are fit for production and the commercial world.

Eirini - Sewing/Finishing Expert

Eirini - Sewing/Finishing Expert
A key member of the team, Eirini is blessed with the dying art of point-to-point linking. Her skills give your creations that much sought-after high-end finish.

Our facilities

Stoll gb’s unique Knit Design Centre is a fully functional knitwear design studio, equipped with the latest Stoll M1 design and programming systems from 1.5 to 16 gauges. It houses a full finishing department including point-to-point linking and all general sewing operations, alongside our state-of-the-art washing plant.

Please email the team on for more information and to book your consultation.

Our services

  • Live sample/prototype/swatch development
  • Full garment finishing, including point-to-point linking
  • High-tech washing
  • Pressing
  • Small productions
  • Yarn sourcing
  • Support with your procurement packages for commercial knitting companies


Initial Consultations

Tailored to your specific brief and covering a range of topics to include programming, Yarn selection, pattern structure, swatches and sampling.

Come and visit us for two to three hours to see the studio in action, have a look at our library, make some swatches and plan your own project with the help of our expert technicians.

    Our Library

    We are very lucky to have an extensive range of fabrics/stitches produced on Stoll machines. This is a great form of inspiration for all designers and brands visiting the studio. Something not often said, but you are welcome to copy them all!

    • fabric-img1.jpg
    • fabric-img2.jpg
    • fabric-img3.jpg
    • fabric-img4.jpg
    • fabric-img5.jpg
    • fabric-img6.jpg
    • Charlotte Hockin

      Stoll GB offers a fantastic laboratory facility which allows designers like myself to develop knit techniques and freestyle - which is what every designer loves doing! The team have very advanced knowledge of knit, yarns and machinery and the development possibilities are endless. It is a superb facility within the UK. I have worked with Stoll GB on the development of my British brand, HOCKIN, and am entering my third season with them. Made in UK was an important factor as to why I have sampled and produced wholesale units with Stoll GB.

    • Genevieve Sweeney

      Stoll GB are a fantastic support to emerging designers, offering a creative and technical solution to design needs. Working closely with Stoll GB has allowed me to grow my business by offering small production runs, which is often challenging for young designers.

    • Brooke Roberts Islam

      Stoll GB is an exciting and dynamic manufacturer facilitating my work in creating innovative and boundary-pushing knitwear.

      The design centre allows me to experiment in a way that's difficult or impossible in most knitwear factories, meaning I can advance fashion knitwear into new and exciting product types and categories using the newest knitting technology. Working with Stoll GB has allowed me to be a more creative designer and expand my fashion brand and business. It is an inspiring place to be with a brilliant and dedicated technical team with a true passion for knitting.

    • Anna Wheeler - Designer

      Being able to work alongside the technicians at Stoll gb’s Design Centre has enabled me to develop my creativity in a truly original way, which for me as a designer is very important.

      I have been able to work on a one to one basis with the fully trained and experienced technicians. This has allowed me to oversee every step of my fabric development, which is very exciting.

      All the technicians at the Design Centre have a vast knowledge and understanding of stitches and techniques and it has been invaluable discussing and exploring my design ideas together with them. They have also helped me to evolve my designs to be more commercially viable and production friendly, without losing my creativity.

    • Jennie Cox - Designer

      I have been using the STOLL gb centre for the last year with great success. They're an amazing team, with incredible knowledge and support.

      The training team are attentive and know their "stuff". I can highly recommend to anyone needing their services.

    • Yarns

      We hold shade cards of all the major yarn companies and have long-lasting relationships with them all, so we can give expert advice and link you to your preferred supplier.

      Feel free to enquire about yarns when you visit.

    Please email the team on 

    for more information on the Knit Design Centre and to book your consultation.