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"Why I choose the Stoll’s Knit Design Centre" by Niro Wang

10th Aug 2017

Womenswear designer Nero Wang tells us why he’s been coming to the Knit Design Centre in Leicester for over three years.

"There aren’t many places like the Knit Design Centre, with their machines and their expertise – it’s quite precious"

“I’m a fashion designer of womenswear and menswear and lifestyle, but mainly womenswear. My brand’s name is ‘Niro Wang’ and it’s for people who like nature but live in an urban area… they like plants and allotments etc but often have to live in a built up area. They have wild hearts!


I’m always looking for inspiration between nature and aesthetic. My last collection was inspired by bonsai - a plant but not naturally shaped. I’m really interested in finding the balance between something natural and something manmade. If we can balance this, we can benefit a lot. Using linen is one of my brand’s features… I want to change perspective of linen, it’s not just for grannies.


I graduated from fashion design at Kingston in 2014 and started my brand straight away. But I never thought about whether my stuff is ‘fashion’ or not. I just think of the person who I’m designing for rather than whether it’s on trend or links with SS18.


I met Stoll at Meet the Manufacturer a few years ago. I was fascinated by what they offered, and it opened a new gate for me. I came from the fashion background rather than the knitwear background, so meeting Stoll created a new possibility for me. They have given me so much solid technical knowledge and information about knit production. It’s been essential – without it nothing could have come true.


Before I came to the Knit Design Centre, I’d only had samples made by domestic machines. Here there are various gauges and so many choices, it widens my way of thinking – it really broadens my horizons in terms of what I can create.


They also give me advice about the yarn choices, what yarn works with which machine, which yarn companies to speak to, how to buy yarn… all of which I rely on


And they can answer so many questions… they know how to link, how elastic it should go, they have the technical expertise, the technicians know so much. Even if just one needle dropped, the whole thing crashes – they know what to do.


I’ve come here for every season since 2014. They’re efficient and they can translate your design into the knitting language quickly. I like the efficiency. They’ve never disappointed me.


There aren’t places like here – they have the machines and they have the expertise – this is quite precious. Secondly, when you’ve worked with someone well, you want to come back. They’re professional and confident and they answer all the questions I have, and I have a good relationship with them all.


I’d definitely recommend the Knit Design Centre to other designers – you have no idea how important this centre is for me. There are not too many places where you can do it all, under one roof. It’s special.


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